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Truck Rental and Hire in Bloemfontein

Movealong: Truck Rental / Hire in Bloemfontein

See below our options to rent or hire a truck from us!

We offer various options to rent or hire a truck in Bloemfontein or Nationally

When deciding on renting or hiring a truck from a truck rental company such as Movealong, you need to know you are in good hands. Our pricing are competitive and we strive for excellent customer service!

Truck Rental Options Coming around September 2019

To your right is various options when deciding on a “moving truck”, also used for “general transport”. Some people call it “moving van rental”, “moving truck” when looking for a “truck rental company”.

All options are day rates (half day available upon request) incl a qualified and lisenced driver and fuel up to 100km in Bloemfontein only & can be bought & paid for directly online for the 3 and 4 ton options (always double check dates via live chat, Whatsapp or email especially between the 20th and 5th of any month.

All National trips (and local for the 8 ton trucks) are quoted separately.

  • 3 Ton Closed Body Truck
  • 3 Ton Closed Body Truck + 4M Trailer
  • 4 Ton Open Body Truck
  • 4 Ton Closed Body Truck + 4M Trailer
  • 8 Ton Open Body Truck

Contact us today for all your truck rental needs!

What your can expect from Movealong as a Truck Rental Company: Quick Quotes, Value for Money and all round great service!