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Pay Per Trip – 4 Meter Trailer


Do you only need help moving one or two items?
Or prefer to move all your small items yourself, let us move your bulky items.

Remember below are charged per trip & unless the date has been confirmed by our office, the date can change 3 days before or after your prefered date
(we do our best to accommodate all customer prefered dates)
(services like extra staff, extra cleaner & insurance are charged only once, not per trip)
(when you take our insurance you accept our Terms, which can be found here)

Read more below for more information


Discount available from 4 trips or more, please contact our office?

How Pay per Trip works

1 trip = a fully loaded (we do not overload) trailer / truck in Bloemfontein only from point A to point B regardles if it is 1 or 100 items (no stops inbetween)
(on average, 1 trip = 2 hours)

Options for a 3 meter trailer, 4 meter mesh trailer or 3 ton closed body truck (or 3 ton truck and 4m trailer)
Pay per trip only, we include labour, normally 2 staff plus 1 driver.
You can also choose to add an extra staff member of what about a professional cleaner perhaps?
(cleaning equipment like a mop, bucket, soap, cloths and hoover are provided)

We do provide the following options (Bloemfontein suburbs only) (driver incl)

*3m trailer, 3 staff
*4m mesh trailer, 3 staff
*3 ton closed body truck, 3 staff
*3 ton closed body truck, 3 staff + 4m mesh trailer
*Optional Insurance (R250 for R100 000 cover)
*Extra Staff member
*Extra Cleaner

*8 ton open body trucks also available (cover can be arranged, pricing upon request)

What can you fit on a trailer / truck
(please note this is an approximation)
*3M trailer – up to 1 bedroom
*4M Mesh Trailer – up to 1.5 bedrooms
*3 ton closed body truck – up to 2 bedrooms

There are of course cases where you will fit more or even less items, it alls depends on furniture size and quantity.

Where there is staircases, really heavy items, or the carrying distance is more than 30 meters you need to add an extra staff member
When we arrive at a home and do an assesment you may incur extra charges if these conditions are met

Pay Per Trip

4 meter mesh trailer, 3 staff

Extra Moving Labourer

Extra Moving Labourer (optional – once-off pricing), No extra labourer needed

Professional Cleaner

No cleaner needed, Professional Cleaner (optional – once-off pricing)


Insurance (R100 000 cover), No Insurance (move at your own risk)