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1 Bedroom House in Bloemfontein


: R2,000.00 (R500.00)

Here you can simply choose your house size, check your date, see if you need any packaging and checkout!

Bloemfontein Suburbs only, national trips are quoted per trip!

Please note the pricing are for standard houses (and wrapping with pallet wrap of sensitive items) (a full garage of 18sqm is counted as a separate bedroom – most garages only have a few items lying around which is fine), although we do not require an inventory and are generally not too strict, you do need to let is know if there are any extra heavy items or staircases at either location. If we arrive at your location and we have not been provided with all info you might incur extra charges before we start the move.

What you get when using Movealong:

  • Generally 3 Staff Members
  • Insurance Included
  • Knowledgable trained staff
  • Wrapping of necessary items
    (where needed)
  • Great Service

Not Included:

  • Packing
  • Cleaning
  • Excessive disassembly of items (one or two is fine)
  • The above are charged as optional extras if required


Our cleaner(s) are available for the full day to use in house A and house B, Mon – Fri 8-4 and if requested on a Saturday at no extra cost.
Included are soap, cloths, mop, bucket and vacuum cleaner

Pricing is set to use either a 4M Trailer or 3 Ton Closed Body Truck with or without trailer (that is why we need all info upon booking) (depends on availability – but please let us know what you would prefer). Pricing does not include packaging, disassembly of furniture or a cleaner (these are all optional extra items of which some of them can also be bought together)

What can you fit on a trailer/truck?
(please note this is an approximation)
*4M Mesh Trailer – up to 1.5 bedrooms
*3 ton closed body truck – up to 2 bedrooms

There are of course cases where you will fit more or even fewer items, it alls depends on furniture size and quantity.

Unless the date has been confirmed by our office, the date can change 3 days ahead or behind your preferred date
(we do our best to accommodate all customer-preferred dates)
(when you take our insurance you accept our Terms, which can be found here)

We suggest contacting us via Phone, Whatsapp, Email or we can come out to give a quote if you are unsure (normal office hours)