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Pre-Move Information

We at Movealong appreciate your business and that you chose us for the move.

Few notes to remember before your big day

General move

*Stairs must be specified (otherwise a surcharge might be levied before moving)
*Extra heavy must also be specified (if not and we need more staff, additional charges may apply)
*Fridge / Freezers needs to be emptied and glass removed from fridge
(we do not transport loaded fridges / freezers)
*Cabinets / drawers must be emptied
*Disassembly / assembly requires extra time and must be specified before the move
*Rubbish removal / Old Furniture Removal – please do not ask us to remove all your rubbish / furniture on the day, as most people think we can just “take the rubbish / furniture with us” but it needs to go somewhere, normally a dumping site, which add extra costs and time which we did not take into account when planning your move. Rubbish / Old Furniture removal should be requested when asking us for a quote
*Giving away items to staff – before giving away any items to our staff, please talk to us in private first. Please remember any bulk items will need to be stored before we can drop it off at a staff members house, generally we don’t allow this as we have limited space and limited time to go around dropping of old items at our staff houses
*Wrapping (optional and quoted separately unless specified on the invoice by Movealong) of items also takes more time but we do this for furniture protection
*We will not be held responsible for scratches or lost bed or furniture legs
*Items like glass (table tops) and TV’s must be specified (if needed we still wrap and load but on occasion this is transported in the client’s car
*Items that take up allot of space are couches, mattresses and their bases
*On average (depending on amount of staff, stairs, distance to carry items or disassembly) to load a 3 ton truck with 3 staff takes around 2 hours, offloading around 1 hour. 3 Ton Truck and 4 meter mesh trailer with 4 staff around the same.
*Staff are provided with lunch by Movealong on the clients premises in groups (so we always keep on working)
*For local moves we generally start around 7.30 – 8.30 and finish no later than 6pm 
(staff needs transport to get home) (IF we finish later for reasons beyond our control after hour fees apply)
*If your move is booked for the afternoon (normally only around month end when we are really busy), your arrival time is dependant on our first move, therefore are not guaranteed
*Insurance (unless quoted otherwise|). All moves carry Goods in Transit (GIT) All Risk insurance (loading and offloading). In the event of a claim, excess of R1000 are payable by the client.
*If no insurance was included or taken by the customer, the move will be done at your own risk
*Please take care of your valuable items on your moving day, we will not be held responsible for lost / stolen items like jewelry, cameras, laptops, phones etc. We suggest making sure insurance are in place on the day of your move
*All moves are quoted from point A – B, if an additional drop-off point is required, there will be a surcharge (time and fuel)

 Moving Date
*From time to time we will need to adjust your date for conditions outside our control and you will be advised accordingly

 Office Moves
*Depending on the size most office moves are done in one day, under some circumstances if the move was done (ie all items moved to the new location) but we run our of time for assembly, we might come back the next day to finish the job (we carry the costs) unless more items were added on the day of the move (which happens frequently), Movealong can provide staff for the next day at your own cost

*a Deposit of minimum 30% is payable to secure your date
*If you had packaging included, the full amount needs to be paid with your 30% deposit
*FULL amount settled the day (24 hours) before the move for local moves
*FULL amount settled 48 hours prior to a National Move (outside of Bloemfontein Suburbs)

 Thank You for choosing

All clients agree to our terms as on this page when choosing Movealong for your transport needs

Our staff are well mannered, well trained and we take great care in transporting your valuable items.