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Office Moves

Office Moves Bloemfontein

Choosing Movealong to move you office gives you piece of mind as we provide a great value service & well trained staff

Office Moving Tips

Moving offices in Bloemfontein always starts out as an exciting experience. You envision your new office space, all your staff can thrive in your shiny new and well organised office.

Then most people start panicking, you just realised you now have to start planning your office move. This is where Movealong can help.

Office moves normally involves a large number of literal and figurative moving parts. Apart from physical items that needs to be moved, you also need to keep in mind your staff’s happiness, their workflow, everything needs to be re-organized, everyone needs to adjust plus allot more.

Below is a quick list to handle most aspects of your office move!


moving office in bloemfonteib
office move

Choose 1 place / office to organize your office move notes as well as to-do list. Decide where you are keeping all notes like Google Drive where al relevant staff has access

Use the method in Phase 1 above to start organizing your most important documents, like client accounts, invoices, billing, contracts & agreements etc

Your announcement should be comprehensive & tell employees all they will need to know.

  • Your new office address
  • Date
  • New office features
  • Reason for the move
  • Anything else employees needs to know

Get feedback from your employees, this is hugely important so everyone knows what is happenning and what are expected of all staff.

This will also help with planning the new office and will address possible issues like:

  • Changing workspace needs
  • Equipment needs (like replacing broken screens)
  • Seating changes
  • Workstyle preferences
  • Design wish items or recommendation

Take note of phone systems to be moved, internet, printers, servers etc al should be planned well ahead and communicated with the relevant companies

Establishing a set budget taking into consideration all aspects like possible overtime for staff packing or helping with to-do lists. Possible new items needed for the office, paying a moving company to do the move etc

Start packing all the non-essential items like archives as this will also save on costs as staff can do this during office hours

While you have started packing already this is also a good time to make 100% sure well ahead of time that you have enough packaging materials like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels etc

Make sure you choose a reputable moving company, with decent reviews and great pricing!

Think about getting in a cleaning service the day after your move taking pressure of you to make sure offices are properly cleaned

Be their bright and early, preferable before the moving companyshows up to make sure everything is 100% ready

Check that all boxes are properly labeled so you know where boxes goes when arriving at your new office

Check that all utilities are disconneccted and moved to the new office where needed

Supervise offloading to make sure all items like desks, chairs, boxes etc goes exactly where you want them to go

Once the move are done you can start properly organize your new office, exciting times!

office relocations
1 office, 2 offices, 3 offices, desks, cabinets, files etc?
Address you are moving from?
Address you are moving to?
An extra pickup / dropoff point – Yes or No? (if yes, please provide an address)
Does any of the locations have staircases? (like on a first floor) Yes or no
Do you have items like a Piano or Pool Table? Yes or No (if yes, please describe)