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International Relocations

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International Relocations

Relocating Internatonally? We can help

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Furniture Removal Tips for your big day!

Moving house can be stressfull, when you have finalized your moving date ideally you should also start planning. a move done by not planning properly can end up disastrious. Here are a few quick pointers when moving house.

  • Communicate with your partner or spouse, moving company and realtor as well as anyone involved
  • Insurance, make sure you are covered. Movealong also offers all-risk-insurance while moving your valuable items
  • Set a date for your house move
  • Try to visit your new area
  • If possibly, dissasemble your furniture beforehand
  • Pre-pack everything beforehand, not on your moving day
Also remember on your moving house day: Pets needs to be looked after / Children should not be in the way of the moving company (often carrying heavy items) / pack a priority or picnic box with essentials for the day like food, cooldrinks, medicine, toilet paper and whatever else is needed

With Movealong you make your own choices with what you would like to use in your home removals or anything general you would like to be transported.

You can also contact us for any furniture removal queries, as our tagline says… We Like to Move It!

  • Bakkie with open Trailer
  • Caravelle Cab with or without trailer
  • 3 Ton Closed Body Truck with or without trailer
  • 6 Ton Closed Body Truck no trailer
  • 8 Ton Open Truck with or without trailer
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