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Bloemfontein Furniture Removal

Movealong: Furniture Removal Bloemfontein

Below are 2 options for your house move, pay per trip or full house move!

Choose Movealong as your Furniture Removal of choice in Bloemfontein

On our website you have a wide choice for your house move, you can choose to only pay-per-trip or choose your house size and let us do all the hard work!

In addition to home removals & furniture transport we also do general transport, anything you want to move, anytime in Bloemfontein or Nationally, we can help.

With Movealong you make your own choices with what you would like to use in your home removals or anything general you would like to be transported.

Apart from moving we also offer online packaging (free delivery for orders R300 or more, BFN only)

We also offer cleaning services in Bloemfontein in addition to your move or as a completely separate service.

You can also contact us for any general transport queries, as our tagline says… We Like to Move It!

  • 4 Meter Mesh Trailer
  • 3 Ton Closed Body Truck with or without trailer
furniture removals bloemfontein

Contact us today for all your Furniture Removal needs in Bloemfontein!

What your can expect from Movealong as a Transport Company: Quick Quotes, Value for Money and all round great service!